Here at Free Local News we’re on a mission to unite the regional publishers of Australia and compete on a massive scale in the ever evolving digital landscape.

We partner with regional publishers around Australia to facilitate the delivery of good local content online that may currently only be available in print. We’ve created a bespoke option that not only makes it simple and affordable for publishers to build a strong online audience, but have created a medium for National retailer advertisers and State and Federal government digital advertisers who are seeking inventory in regional areas and who have committed to a significant shift in spend to digital platforms.

Our brand is the first of it’s kind and we are excited to have solved an enormous problem for both the regional publisher and the national advertiser who are trying to reach a regional audience.  We are proud of what we have created with our capacity to deliver a complete, powerful and reliable online management solution that will greatly benefit publishers.

What we do

There are hundreds of regional publishers all around Australia who are incredibly good at what they do, creating valuable local content and delivering that effectively and profitably to the local community.  What we understand is that making the transition to delivering that same content online is expensive and in most cases the ROI is not very good.

For this reason we have built a platform that is easy and affordable to use plus it open up sales opportunities for local, state and national advertisers. We take care of everything from uploading content, managing ad campaigns & reports,  Google News, social media integrations and training & support.

Each publisher retains their own identity and has complete editorial control of their content within their own website.  This allows you to build your own audience, customise your content and take control of your online assets whilst still collaborating with other publishers. Here’s an example below:


How it works


This will change your business

What we have produced for the publisher is business changing. You now have the ability to provide 4 key things to the market place that was not possible before:

  1. Extended reach of the local content that is produced
  2. Digital inventory for local sales team to sell
  3. An ability for publishers to be fully integrated across print, digital & social media
  4. Something that previously could not be afforded without having to employ additional head count

As soon as a new website is setup on the network, digital inventory will be immediately available to sell and provides an answer to those clients that are totally against advertising in print, and this provides additional inventory for local sales teams to sell or integrate into client campaigns.

Fairfax and News Ltd are both selling ‘bundle packages’ so clients are more exposed to this now, and it becomes something advertising agencies do focus on.With the ability to advertise to locals in a much more productive way, you’ll have the ability to grow your audience greatly overtime.

Revenue Share

Let’s cut to the chase, the big picture here is that we have now created the opportunity to tap into over $100m of annual advertising revenue on behalf of hundreds of regional publishers and share the profits

National retailer advertisers and State and Federal government digital advertisers are desperate to reach regional communities around Australia and do not currently have the means to do so

What we have produced is a huge game changer for both the publisher and the advertiser and allows the publishers the opportunity to make a profit for literally doing nothing but providing content to us each week.

With ongoing maintenance from our team each month, and your ability to give us fresh, new content on time, every time, we can help transform your website into the powerhouse it should be. The more content your provide us on a regular basis, the more revenue you have the possibility of making long term.

It’s a win/win collaboration.

How it works

Content Management

For publishers, content is key to your overall success. At Free Local News we facilitate the delivery of all your content and distribute it through a variety of channels, including search engines, Social media & Google News

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each week you share a PDF copy of your print edition with Free Local News via Dropbox.
  2. We upload every single news article which is then optimised for search engines and click-through rates.  
  3. Content is scheduled for delivery through your social channels for the entire week

It’s really that easy.

Our support team is highly skilled and knows how to optimize your content so it has the best overall reach to your audience.

There are no hidden costs, no complicated “enterprise” platforms required and we use the same platforms as big names such as




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content management

Case Study

Partners Free Local News Impressions
surf cost times logo

On the 26th December 2017,  Free Local News launched new websites for Surf Coast Times and Bellarine Times. Over a three month period, Surf Coast Times has grown over 419%. This increase in growth has helped these businesses increase their popularity, traffic, website ranking, marketing efforts, and profitable returns.

We understand that growth is important to any website or business online, without the right help to grow as a competitor your business will become lost to more established brands. This is where we step in and can help you overcome these hurdles with online presence building and website marketing solutions right at your fingertips.

Learn more about how we took one website and made it into a powerhouse.

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Useful reports at your fingertips

We’ve built a customised reporting platform that allows for weekly and monthly reports to be sent to publishers. Along with this you also receive a live platform that you can log into for live statistics for each publisher and the National website.

We have the ability to give every publisher in the network top level data for the entire website. Our reporting setup gives you the opportunity to know how your website is going, the changes in metrics, traffic and overall ranking position on Google, along with how overall marketing efforts are going. You stay up to date while we do all the work.

If you’re unsure on how to read your report, we can provide help in this area so you know exactly how your website is going over the long term.

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innovation image home

Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund

As we all know there is an enormous opportunity awaiting for regional publishers to tap into the $50m innovation fund.  Our brand is not reliant on the publisher receiving funding, and if they are fortunate enough to receive funding in the future, then it can be invested in growing their traffic and audience.

For those publishers who are lucky enough to be successful to receive funding, they must invest in building an online audience and pave the way for future revenue or it will be completely wasted.

Pricing & Setup

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is incredibly simple and affordable.

There is NO additional staffing requirements or costs associated after your initial set up cost and monthly management fee. To be fully digital all you need to do is send us your content … it’s that simple.

We’re more than happy to accommodate to your overall needs and provide you with custom ongoing pricing for any additional services you may require to help build and grow your publishing website into the future.

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Option 1

  • 1 year commitment
  • Paid monthly
  • Upfront Website setup $2950
  • Annual cost $8890

Option 2

  • 2 year commitment
  • Paid monthly
  • Upfront Website setup $1475
  • Annual cost $6215

Option 3

  • 2 year commitment
  • Paid annually
  • Upfront Website setup FREE
  • Annual cost $3540*

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For as little at $3540 in your first year*, you have a fully integrated website with full tech support and an additional revenue stream.  All we ask of you is to send us a PDF copy of your print edition each week, it’s that simple and cost effective.

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