The best reports available

We have built a customised reporting platform that allows for weekly and monthly reports to be sent to publishers. Along with this you also receive a live platform that can be logged into for live statistics for each publisher and the National website. We have the ability to give every publisher in the network top level data for the entire website.

Our reporting setup gives you the opportunity to know how your website is going, the changes in metrics, traffic and overall ranking position on Google, along with how overall marketing efforts are going. You stay up to date while we do all the work.

If you’re unsure on how to read your report, we can provide help in this area so you know exactly how your website is going over the long term.

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Advertisers Love

The days of giving just simple data are gone. We have the power to now show advertisers break-downs of each publisher’s audience. 

Armed with this knowledge, you have the ability to really understand your audience better and write engaging content topics that will help to bring in better engagement and interest from your current readership. It will also help you understand and expand your content offerings to target a higher range of people.

Here is an example of some of the data available

  • Total page impressions

  • Unique users

  • Average page views

  • Top performing articles

  • Source of all visitors

  • Social Media engagment

  • Advertising spend

  • Audience Age

  • Audience Devices

  • Audience Gender

Demo Account

We believe in showing not telling. So we are giving you access to real time reporting for Surf Coast Times. It’s super easy to use, just login using the credentials below and look round. 

As you will see you have the ability to view impressions, audience figures, facebook engagement, Google Rankings and Facebook audience statistics plus much more. All this information can be extremely powerful to you, especially when it comes to planning a better marketing strategy. We can help you understand your report and how to take it to the next level.

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