Case Study

surf cost times statistics

Website Performance for November 2017

On the 26th December 2017 Free Local News launched a new website for Surf Coast Times. During their launch date to now, you can see a significant improvement in their overall website traffic and engagement as seen in the before and after examples. This is what is looked like before:

  • 3,685 page views

  • Returning visitor rate is 13.4%

  • 1,915 unique visitors

As you can see from this data the site is ok but could be a lot better. There’s an average number of page views and unique visitors, along with returning visitor percentage.

Website Performance for February 2018

Fast forwarding to the most recent 30 days, you can see below there’s a great increase in the number of page views, returning visitors and unique visitors.

  • 22,489 page views

  • Returning visitor rate is 21.8%

  • 11,975 unique visitors

These statistics are just an example of the type of improvement that can be achieved in such a short period of time with little effort from the publisher. As more publishers join the network we will see greater improvements, even faster, and will be in a better position to deliver more value across the network.


As you can see, there has been an enormous increase in exposure, and the terrific thing here is that we are not even paying for any traffic . With the launch of the Publishers Innovation Fund, the publisher will have the opportunity to use part of their grant to increase website traffic and build their audience even further.


  • Page views has increased 419%

  • Unique visitors increased 353%

  • Returning visitors to website increased 63%

  • The organic Facebook reach increased 172%