How it works

How it works

For publishers, content is key to your overall success. At Free Local News we facilitate the delivery of all your content and distribute it through a variety of channels, including search engines, Social media & Google News

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each week you share a PDF copy of your print edition with Free Local News via Dropbox.
  2. We upload every single news article which is then optimised for search engines and click-through rates.
  3. Content is scheduled for delivery through your social channels for the entire week

It’s really that easy.

Our support team is highly skilled and knows how to optimize your content so it has the best overall reach to your audience.

There are no hidden costs, no complicated “enterprise” platforms required and we use the same platforms as big names such as

content management
email management


Email Marketing is essential to the overall success of reaching your target audience. At Free Local News we setup each publisher with their own Mailchimp account integrated with their website to build a mailing list. All the setup and templates are taken care of by us, and training and support is given to each publisher.

Mailchimp is one of the most trusted and reliable automated email marketing platforms available to use. In helping you setup and manage a powerful mailing list, you have twice the power of really bringing more interest to your publishing website.

The more interest and traffic you receive from your email marketing, the more long term revenue you may experience.

With our help, your emails will get noticed.

Social Media

Each website is integrated with the publisher’s social channels which allow for content to be easily scheduled for the week. Social media integration and proper management is key to building your website’s online presence rapidly.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, for example, offer great options for content sharing. By tapping into one or more major social media networks you have the ability to really get noticed by your target audience.

At Free Local News, we setup and manage everything from start to finish. We make sure your content is published on time across all relevant social media networks. We believe in building a stronger social media presence for your website that will help to take your website to the next level.

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advertise management


One of the enormous benefits of running a collaborative website with multiple publishers is that we’ve done all the hard work setting up Double Click for Publishers. This allows us to manage all ad campaigns on a local, state and national level from one account.

We can easily choose when and where ads are displayed and provide campaign analysis and reports for advertisers. All ad inventory is setup by FLN and the publisher just emails through campaign details and artwork for any local campaigns they sell.

From here we then work out the best advertising strategy that will help you gain the most returns from your advertising with long term better results. You send us the details, we handle the rest. 

Google News

As more publishers join the network they also enjoy the power of a combined Google News account. This will allow you to instantly have local content available for all of Regional Victoria. With Google News, it provides a trusted platform to showcase your content and generate more engaged users through to the website.

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